Agrindustry - MAPS Architecture
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The project’s objective is to find a possible solution to the unresolved question of the relationship between the city of Milan and its surrounding agricultural areas. The presence of an agricultural park, the approach of EXPO 2015 with the theme “Feeding the Planet” and the existence of large number of industrial areas within the city has led us to find a link between these elements through socioeconomical tools of the short circuit trying to strengthen ties between production, sale and consumption. In the light of these observations, we have based our project on the railway connection between the old places of industrial production and railway stations to convert, the first in agricultural production sites and, the second in selling places. The short circuit thus becomes sustainable through the use of the railway line, which reduces the environmental impact of transport, and aeroponic agriculture, which saves energy and water for irrigation.

Gruppo di lavoro

Filippo Ogliani – Caterina Pilar Palumbo – Aurélie Sabatier


Town Planning Design Workshop – Prof. Stefano Boeri